Poker Texas Holdem 888-poker strategy. Suitable for beginners to analyze Texas Hold’em tactics and strategies

888-poker games: When you can accurately read the opponent’s hand in the game (because you know him almost like your opponent knows him), you can develop the best strategy for the specific situation. When you reach this level of technology, you are a real poker master.
This is the essence of Texas Hold’em, opponents and the measures you take. Compared to any other game, playing Texas Hold’em requires more understanding of your opponent. You must know what he thinks, especially when you are in the pot with him. What is his mood? Does he want to bet a gamble at the moment, or does he want to sit there and wait for a nut? Has he lost a lot and his emotions are out of control (hence the game is out of standard)? Or is he secretly encouraging (despite losing money) to start to play his best competitive state? Is he a guy who forgets all the money he won, playing very carelessly at the moment and throwing the money he won? Or it is a very tight player who plays to protect profits after winning.
If you can answer all of the above questions accurately (and of course not only these questions) … and master the concepts, principles, rules, skills, and strategies of Texas Hold’em passed to you by this book, then you will become a super difficult Texas. Poker player. And your technology will also be closer to world-class standards. It takes more effort to reach a world-class level, because Texas Hold’em is harder than any other sport and any other board game. For example, the difference between playing Texas Hold’em and playing blackjack is like It is the difference between the unit tactics in the war and the strategy of the big battle. To play blackjack, you only need to know what to do in each case, and a simple trip is enough. This is the tactical level. But when playing Texas Hold’em, you may encounter the same opponent in the same situation, and you are using different strategies, but these strategies are all correct. This is a strategic problem.

The heads-up Texas Hold’em poker game, the computer can cope with it, but it is not enough to face a whole table of people, and it is impossible to calculate the profit strategy related to psychological problems. To do this, you must have insight and judgment, which only humans can do. We should collect their information by listening to opponents and observing them instead of talking to them. Concentrate on it … it pays off.