What are the skills, experience or principles of Texas Hold’em?

As long as you avoid the weaknesses of four human natures and then use statistics, you can defeat most people. Even if you want to be a bluffing expert, you must learn statistics first. Weakness of human nature: playfulness-no one likes to sit out, but if the card is not good, it must be folded immediately (unless no money is needed). Lucky-everyone will think: “If a XX comes, I will …” But what is the probability of this? Can’t afford it-everyone will think: “N has been placed, I will lose it if I give up, look at the round again.” Whether the money you enter divided by the money you can get is more than your chance of winning. Success or failure depends on the hero-the correct play is the one with the highest probability, not necessarily winning. Don’t let the outcome of each card influence your strategy. Everything depends on statistics.

. This is a statistical game: you can use statistics to roughly calculate the probability that you can achieve different results (such as a full house), and then you can calculate the probability that you may win. Statistics can accurately calculate the proportion of the money you want to put in now vs. the money you can get. These two are good, it is simple, as long as the ratio of 2 is better than 1, you continue, otherwise fold. In this way, you can defeat the general player. There is no need for bluffing or guessing someone else’s bluffing. Make all the decisions based on the probability that the bright card and the card in your hand tell you.

Learn the above and learn the betting techniques below. When to place big and small bets. When should the trap fall, check back first and then place a big bet, etc.
Therefore, learn bluffing and how to read opponents

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